Electric Quarter Residential Development, Ponders End, Enfield

Projects - Residential - Electric Quarter Residential Development, Ponders End, Enfield

Regeneration of Ponders End at Enfield

BCAL acted as Principal Designer for Lovell Homes for the first phase of the residential development, as part of the regeneration of Ponders End at Enfield. The project consisted of the demolition of an existing car park, flats and retail properties, and the construction of three- and four-bedroom townhouses and apartment blocks, for mixed tenure occupancy. This inspiring new neighbourhood features ‘home zone’ areas allowing for a pedestrian-safe environment.

Approx. ValueApprox. ValueValue
Lovell Homes
CDM Consultant/Principal Designer
£???m Scheme
BCAL Consulting TeamBCAL Consulting Team
Electric Quarter Residential Development

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